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Roger was born in Weymouth, Dorset, UK in 1973. He came to study Art, Design and Photography at the age of 19 after being dissatisfied with the path of science. A creative itch needed to be scratched. He attended Weymouth College, Trowbridge Technology College, and The University of Plymouth in Exeter.  After Exhibiting his Macro Photography, he has returned to Painting and is enjoying using physical materials which is a more visceral experience.

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I am fascinated with the natural world. The majority of my photographic work utilises Macro (close-up) techniques to reveal the hidden beauty and dimensions of nature.

The most prominent themes in my work explore pattern, geometry, order, chaos and the Fractal nature of reality.

I live on the World Heritage ‘Jurassic Coast’ on the South coast of England. This is a large focus of my work:- fossils, ammonites, dinosaurs etc… which i call ‘Jurassic

I enjoy transforming something from nature by manipulating the camera to create an abstracted piece of artwork that cannot be seen in reality, due to the use of certain techniques, scale and magnification.


My painting style has evolved from the highly obsessive and controlled geometric Op Art (Optical Art) painting in the 1990’s to a more right-brained style that is more intuitive and free flowing. I no longer plan out what I’m doing so much but let the paint and materials lead me.

I seem to have two types of work now:

1. a blank canvas which i’ll usually apply some type of textured medium then paint and inks etc,

2. hybrids – painting on a “found” or existing Canvas


I use a canvas that has an existing image on it – either from a shop/charity shop, or one of my macro photography canvasses. 

I enjoy this as it introduces an element of randomness where I use the shapes and forms to determine the direction of the painting.  Therefore, automatically it becomes more intuitive and instinctive. 

I now embrace mistakes as they lead me somewhere I wouldn’t have gone otherwise. This is highly enjoyable and somewhat meditative.

Through my interest in Zen and eastern philosophy I learnt the concept of  “wabi-sabi” an aspect of which seems to encompass my process – the art of the spontaneous or controlled accident.

This, like most Zen concepts, isn’t easy to put into words. I see it as a way of being in “the zone” when i am in a flow state and acting on instinct and intuition – the world fades and I am in the present moment of now – this is the state I aim to live my life in but is more easily achieved during being creative or in meditation practice.  This seems to be how children paint. I aim to have fun and see where the muse takes me –  which is a constant surprise.

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